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Character interview – Antoine de Villiers

de villiers character interview

It’s time for a character interview again, friends! *does a celebratory war dance*

De Villiers is the main character in my new novella, Dead End. God willing, I’ll be posting the first chapter next week. Fun times!

Who’s de Villiers?

As stated above, Antoine de Villiers is the main character in Dead End. There are two things one notices about him right away: his height and his eyes. He is an extremely short guy. As in knee-high to a grasshopper levels of short. His eyes are an extraordinary rich shade of green, and they are excellent for glaring people into oblivion. Fortunately, they are equally good at sparkling and making you feel at ease.

In this story, de Villiers only wears one outfit the whole time. Namely, a threadbare jean, a flannel shirt, a sheepskin jacket and the blood of his enemies. Sometimes his own blood as well. The guy is a genius for getting into fights. *whistles innocently*

The interview

The writer: Oh, hey, de Villiers!

Antoine de Villiers: Afternoon, Terblanche.

TW: What’s up, man?

AdV: Oil prices, they tell me. Other than that, not much.

TW: Ah, I see. Tell me, what happened right before you came to Echo Hill? I don’t believe we ever fleshed that out completely.

AdV: Nothing you can prove. (smiles) But, in all honesty, I don’t remember. I recall walking over the border from Vircinge. From there on everything’s a bit hazy, until I woke up in the Obertass a few days later.

TW: That’s a shame! But you did lose a lot of blood, so it’s to be expected. Let’s move on to the next question. What are some pros and cons of being extremely short?

AdV: Now that’s an easier question! The pros… well, of course, you can hide a lot better than a big guy. And in lots of places too. And –

TW: Wait. Sorry for interrupting. What kind of places?

AdV: Underneath couches and behind pillars and on top of dressers and in small trees…you know. Bigger guys can hide there as well, I suppose, but not half as efficiently.

TW: Haha, of course. But please continue with the pros.

AdV: People underestimate you very easily, so you always have the element of surprise. You seldom get claustrophobic… You never have to worry about bumping your head, and you’re always comfortable on a plane. Lots of legroom. And, of course, you’re in the ideal position to bust people.

TW: Sounds pretty handy, that. And the cons?

AdV: Well, people tend to make fun of you a lot. But it isn’t really a con. You know my one and only goal is to make people smile.

TW: Yeah, right.

AdV (a bit hurt): Come on, I’m a friendly guy! But anyways. Another con is that you have to use twice as much energy as a big guy. For each normal step I have to give two steps. It’s exhausting, especially in fight. Another big con, of course, is getting things out of cupboards. Or rather, the inability to get things out of cupboards. Do you know how many times in my life I’ve had to waddle around on countertops, trying to find what I’m looking for?

TW (giggles): Now, that’s awesome! I’ll have to work that into a scene.

AdV: Yes, go on, make fun of the short guy. He doesn’t mind.

TW: It will make people smile!

AdV (grumbles)

TW: I could always get Depper to help you…

AdV: That idiot? I’ll leave and never come back.

TW: I know where you live, bro.

AdV: And I know where you live, Terblanche. Don’t make me come over there.

TW: As long as you bring cookies, you’d be most welcome. But I’m afraid our time’s up, man. Thanks for the chat!

AdV: No problem, dude. We’ll be seeing you later?

TW: Yeah, of course! While you’re waiting…do try to remember what happened in chapter three. Cheers!


*hops around on one leg in excitement*

Just wait until y’all see this guy in action!


Love you,

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