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October Wrap-Up

Happy Reformation Day, friends!

Five hundred years ago today, a guy named Luther got busy with a hammer and started the Protestant Reformation. He challenged the heresy of the Roman Catholic church by nailing his ninety-five theses to the church door at Wittenberg. It was a small flame that kindled a huge fire. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in the fight for religious freedom. Today we celebrate their sacrifice, and God’s abundant grace in strengthening and keeping them. Through His grace he preserved their teaching and heritage in such a way that even we, today, can say with them: Sola Scripture, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria!


I have neglected my blog this month in a most shameful way. Life happens! In between being bedridden after surgery, a huge amount of writing and many other things, I was terribly busy.

Here are a few headlines from my month:

Even though I wrote a lot this month, I didn’t finish all the things I wanted to. Tough luck. Anyways, I did almost finish outlining The Loyal Crown. Almost, as in almost-finished-just-a-few-HUGE-plotholes-to-fix.

In addition to that I wrote almost ten thousand words of content. I do content writing for a web developing company, and it’s pretty hard work! Blogging is one thing, blogging about a subject you don’t actually know anything about is quite another.


I also did some very fun work on a small project that I will be writing during NaNo. I don’t have a proper English title for it yet, but the working title is Unlawful Justice. I plan to post is as a serial on my


blog next year. You can check out the synopsis over here. I’m really excited about it, it’s one of my favourite stories and characters yet!


I read an awesome book on writing by James Scott Bell, called How To Write Dazzling Dialogue. It’s well-written and simply, and it gave me tons of things to work on!

I also started reading The Brothers Karamazov. My word. Dostoevsky is a master of the written word, but Russians are so freaking weird. Apparently, they’re all slightly mad. Even Alyosha, even though he’s a sweet!

I tried reading a book by John Green, but quarter of the way in I simply couldn’t continue. The characters used the Lord’s name in vain so many times in the first couple of pages that I felt slightly nauseous. Again, Mr Green is a fantastic writer, I just wish his characters would stop swearing!


At the moment I’m reading The Secret Countess by Eva Ibbotson. She’s one of my new favourite authors! Her mood setting is sublime. Two of her other books, that I also highly recommend, is The Dragonfly Pool and The Star of Kazan. They are both children’s books, but they are as good, or better, as many YA and NA books I’ve read in the past couple of months.


For the very first time in my life, I attended a writers workshop. The SCBWI Gauteng held their yearly workshop at Sandton Library. Joan Rankin did a very inspiring talk, as well as many other great authors. Even though the workshop was focused a little bit more on children’s books than teen fiction, I enjoyed it a lot.

In the last week of October I attended another module of the SMTI Biblical Counselling course. This module was on Christian Life Issues, and we did Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. To be entirely honest, I’ve always did my utmost to avoid reading Pilgrim’s Progress. In Afrikaans we have a word ‘soetsappigheid’ that means that something is so sweet and cute and lovely that it’s actually kind of super fake. Literally, the word translates to ‘sweet-juiciness’. Anyways, I always thought that Pilgrim’s Progress was a bit ‘soetsappig’. Boy, was I wrong! It is a beautiful, rich book. I can’t believe the amount of skill Mr. Bunyan has in weaving theological truths into his story. I can’t wait to study it further!

So, now you know what my October looked like. Because I’m a curious cat I’d love to know what you guys had been up to during this month. Let me know in the comments!


In Christ,


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