Afrikaans Kajuitraad met 'n karakter Karakters Kortverhale Western

Kajuitraad met ‘n karakter – Hannah Tucker

Karakter Hannah

Goeie nuus!

Giddy se storie, wat ek vir die Wêrelrekordpoging skryf, is uiteindelik klaar! Ek moet hom nog ‘n slaggie nagaan en doodseker maak van ‘n paar dinge, maar verder is hy reg om ingestuur te word. O, en ek moet natuurlik ook nog ‘n titel vir hom vind. Griet, wie’t nou gedink daardie deel sal so moeilik wees?

Hierdie week het ek weer ‘n onderhoud met ‘n karakter gevoer. Hannah, Giddy se ma, wou ook nie op kort kennisgewing Afrikaans leer nie, so verskoon maar die Engels.

Die onderhoud

Die skrywer: Afternoon, Hannah! So nice to see you again.

Hannah (maak ‘n elegante kniebuiging): Afternoon, Margaret! How’d you do? (sien die gehoor raak) Afternoon, folks.

DS: I’m fine thanks, how’re you?”

H: I’m good as well. A little sleepy, because we had a big storm last night and we had to move the cattle to the lower pasture in the middle of the night.

DS: Oh man, would you prefer if we rather to the interview some other time?

H: No, no, it’s fine, really. Let’s do it.

DS: Alright. So, we got some stuff from Giddy last time around, like where you guys live and so on. So, I thought I’d make the questions more random this time. Are you ready?

H: Fire away.

DS: When’s the last time you climbed a tree?

H (lag): What a funny question. I don’t rightly remember…no, wait, I actually do. When we were crossing the plains, couple of years ago, I climbed in a tree one morning to do a bit of scouting. Giddy almost lost his head, he laughed so hard.

DS: Why? Did you get stuck or something?

H: Now, it ain’t necessary to go into details, is it? Next question!

DS: What’s the most annoying habit other people have?

H: Mm. One thing that really bugs me is when people try to talk to you while you’re in a hurry. Like, I can walk down Main street a dozen times and nobody would speak a word to me. But the instant that I’m in a hurry to get somewhere, Mrs. Potter, Mr. Wyatt and five other people would be lining up to speak to me. You could call it Murphy’s Law, I reckon, but it’s pretty irritating none the less.

DS: Ugh, that is pretty irritating! So, next question. What are some small things that make your day better?

H: Hugging the kids, the smell of bread baking, dawn breaking over the hills, the smell of a freshly ploughed field, freshly cut hay… I’ve thought about it, actually!

DS: Ok, but I’m picking up on a lot of smells… what’s your favorite smell?

H: Oh, man. Do I have to choose? I’d probably go for freshly baked bread or sweaty horses.

DS: Sweaty horses? Girl, you’re weird.

H (haal haar skouers op en glimlag onnutsig): You’re one to talk, Miss I-have-interviews-with-people-who-don’t-exist.

DS: Alright, point taken. So, last question. What do you look forward to most in the next ten years?

H (dink ‘n oomblik): I look forward to seeing my kids grow up, Giddy will be a man in ten years’ time! Also, to seeing how the ranch flourishes. And I’m hoping to get a nice girl somewhere for my brother Andrew to marry. I’m quite determined to spoil his kids rotten! And, well…maybe, Lord-willing, I’ll marry again myself.

DS: I sincerely hope so! I went to a lot of trouble to set you and Doyle up, you know?

H: I knew it! You’re not as sneaky as you think you are.

DS: Ahem, our time is up. Thanks so much for being here, Hannah! And good luck with finding a girl for Andrew!

H: Thanks for having me, Marge. I’ll see you again soon. And thanks, I think I’m going to need it!


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