Short stories

Title: Unlawful justice

Genre: Mystery

Status: Outlining


1633h, Crossway Station, Ewanicum, the kingdom of Praida.

Seven men carrying Heckler&Koch machine guns walk in and start shooting. Bloodied bodies scatter on the marble floors. Screaming, those that survive the first hail of bullets try to flee.

One man stands and shoots back.

Chess Buys’ best friend and partner, Mauritz Rousseau, saves countless lives with his quick thinking and bravery. But while Mauritz is in hospital in a critical condition, suspicions are raised.

In the first place, Mauritz had no right to be at Crossway Station. He was supposed to have been patrolling on his motorcycle, five miles away. In the second place, the EMT’s find a girl among the wounded, with Mauritz’s cuffs on her wrists. She turns out to be the kidnapped daughter of a rich businessman, Iryna Vermaak. And she has Mauritz’s DNA under her fingernails.

When the authorities seems intent on placing all the blame on Mauritz, not only for the kidnapping but for the terrorist attack as well, Chess places everything on the line to prove his innocence. Aided by the eccentric detective, Jean-Jacques Brink, and against the orders of his sergeant, his mother and even the head of police, Chess enters a dangerous world of terrorism, corruption and gang violence.

Word count: N/A

Series: Chess Buys Stories