de villiers character interview

Character interview – Antoine de Villiers

It’s time for a character interview again, friends! *does a celebratory war dance* De Villiers is the main character in my new novella, Dead End. God willing, I’ll be posting the first chapter next week. Fun times! Who’s de Villiers? As stated above, Antoine de Villiers is the main character in Dead End. There are two things one notices about him right away: his height and his eyes. He is an extremely short guy. As in knee-high to a grasshopper levels of short. His eyes are an extraordinary rich shade of green, and they are excellent for glaring people into […]

Character Andrew

Character interview – Andrew Lucas

Today is a sad day for me. With this character interview, I will finish my work on Giddy’s story. I’m going to miss the characters so much! But, as Doyle suggested last week, I can always just write a sequel. *cue the dance of the plot bunnies* Today’s interview is slightly different than the previous three. Andrew is not a very talkative guy, and he asked very nicely if I could rather write him a letter. And, because Andrew is a nice old fellow, I agreed. (Also, because I want you guys to wonder why he doesn’t like speaking, so […]

Doyle Karakter

Character interview – Jacob Nathaniel Doyle

Have you been wondering about the title of Giddy’s story? Me too, my friend, me too. Fortunately I got some heaven sent inspiration before I had to send it in last week. Thus, it was named ‘Uncles and Outlaws.” Early Saturday morning I sent it in, and during the weekend I almost chewed my fingernails to the bone. Fortunately, it was accepted! I am now officially one of the hundred writers that will be pestering you to buy a huge anthology in order to break a Guinness World Record. Today I’m having another interview with one of the characters from Uncles and […]

character hannah

Character interview – Hannah Tucker

Good news! Giddy’s story, the one I’m writing for the World Record attempt, is finished at last! I still have to edit some small things, but other than that it’s ready to be submitted. Oh, and of course I still have to find a title as well. It’s time for a character interview again, and this time I had a chat with Hannah, Giddy’s ma. The interview Writer: Afternoon, Hannah! So nice to see you again. Hannah (with an elegant curtsey): Afternoon, Margaret! How’d you do? (notices the audience) Afternoon, folks. W: I’m fine thanks, how’re you?” H: I’m good […]

Character interview – Giddy Tucker

Who’s Giddy? Gideon Jonathan ‘Giddy’ Tucker is the narrator of the short story I’m writing for the Guinness World Record attempt. The interview Writer: Morning, Giddy! Say hello to the ladies and gentlemen. Giddy (removes his hat and smiles brightly): Mornin’, folks! Here are some cookies that Ma sent, miss Terblanche. W: Thanks, kid! So, Giddy, I told you that we’re having an interview today, right? G: Yes, ma’am. W: Are you ready? G: Of course, ma’am. Fire away! W: Alright, so first off, tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live? Do you […]