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Character profile – Friar Tuck

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Last year, I had great fun interviewing Giddy&co from my short story, Uncles and Outlaws. This time around, while I’m writing a new batch of short stories, I decided to go for character profiles instead of character interviews. Instead of chatting directly with the characters themselves, I’m simply answering some questions about them. At the moment, that’s what is working best for me to develop my charries. I used the questions from this post for reference.


If you know the Robin Hood legend, you probably have at least a vague idea of who Friar Tuck is. For my short story, The Branded Monk, I decided to play around with his backstory. You’ll have to wait for the story to be published in November (it will be available for free!) to find out what crazy adventures I sent Tuck on in his younger years.

With regards to physical appearance, I quote to you a description from the first chapter of my story:

The man stopped short. Even from this distance, I could see the harsh, tired lines on his face. His head was rotund, framed by grey hair as thick and spikey as a porcupine’s quills.

“Evening,” he said.

Without further ado:

While walking down the street, Tuck is accosted by an angry man. He insists that Tuck cheated him in a card game the previous evening and demands an apology/duel. How does the character react?

While it is highly unlikely that anybody will accuse a random monk on the street of card-sharping, I suppose it can happen in some universe or other. Tuck would try to calmly reason with the man, most likely succeeding in calming him down in a jiffy.

Can you describe your character using only smells?

Wool and sweat, with an undertone of warm steel and books.

If your character was an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

Haha, some from of watery vanilla or sober chocolate.

What normal thing completely gross your character out?

Tuck isn’t a very finicky chap, but he does abhor the idea of drinking from another man’s cup.

If your character could erase one thing from their memory, what would it be?

I’ll politely decline answering this question. Wouldn’t want to spoil the story…

What topic will your character always argue about, no matter the circumstances?

Tuck will always argue. No matter the circumstances. End of story.

Would your character kill to save a life?


What, in their own words, is your character’s definition of true happiness?

Being free to glorify God every day.

How would your character react to randomly slipping and falling in public?

Tuck has the reflexes of a cat on caffeine. That being said, he does not have one smidge of a cat’s gracefulness. He’d probably do a roll and be on his feet in minutes. Habit flapping, feet stomping, arms doing the windmill, like a baby elephant doing a somersault.

What is your character really terrible at, without realizing it?

Tuck makes really bad puns. Like, really, really bad puns. I’m not sure whether he realizes it or not. Maybe he does, and he just doesn’t care.

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