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Kajuitraad met ‘n karakter – Andrew Lucas

karakter Andrew

Dis ‘n hartseer dag vandag. Met hierdie kajuitraad met ‘n karakter sluit ek my werk aan Giddy se storie af en ek gaan die karakters baie mis. Maar, soos Doyle verlede week voorgestel het, moet ek maar net nog ‘n storie oor hulle skryf.

Vandag se onderhoud is bietjie anders as die vorige drie. Andrew is nie ‘n man wat daarvan hou om te praat nie, en hy het my mooi gevra dat ek maar liewer vir hom ‘n brief moet skryf. En omdat hy ‘n gawe ou is het ek maar ja gesê. (En ook omdat ek graag wil hê julle moet wonder hoekom hy nie van praat hou nie en nog meer lus voel om die Giddystorie te lees. Sneaky hobbitses, né?)

Nou, ek weet ek het julle al voorheen gevra, maar ondersteun asseblief ons wêreldrekordpoging (by hierdie skakel). Die vrystellingsdatum is vasgestel vir die 30ste September, en om die drukkostes te dek kort die uitgewer ten minste ‘n 1000 voorafbestellings (pre-orders). Dit is ‘n klein (Suid-Afrikaanse!) uitgewery, so ondersteun hulle asseblief!

Hier is my brief:

Dear Andrew

How are you, old fellow? It’s been weeks since I saw you last, I hope your leg is healing up fine.

I would much appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

  • How different was your life one year ago?
  • What question can you ask to find out the most about a person?
  • What our earliest memory?
  • And your earliest memory of Hannah?
  • What do you value most in a friend?

Give my love to Hannah, Giddy, Doyle, Becky and the Mutt.


Andrew se antwoord:

Dear Marge

I’m in excellent health, thank you. I hope that you are well too?

My leg has been healing up nicely. Doctor Richards says I won’t be able to walk without limping for a while yet, but it will get there in due time. I can ride again, at least, and Giddy and I have been moving the cattle to the hill pastures the last couple of weeks.

In answer to your first question, my life is completely different now from what it was like a year ago. A year ago, I was hiding out in a forsaken little town just south of Dodge City. I was tired, I was hungry, I hadn’t a friend in the world. You know yourself how different my life is now.

I don’t rightly know the answer to your second question. In my kind of world, you don’t ask people many questions, especially if you don’t already know them kind of well. But I’ve always been able to discern a lot about a man’s disposition by the way he treats his horses. A vicious rider is usually a vicious man.

My earliest memory, and I smile while I write this, is coincidentally one of Hannah. I must have been around three or four. She was eight, and she took the notion of teaching me how to swim in the pond behind our house. Now, my sister has always been a smart kid, so she didn’t try something like chucking me in the pond or holding me under or something like that. She taught me quite wisely and patiently, and to this day I am still a strong swimmer.

The last question…I think what I value most in a friend is sense of humor. Often, I am much too serious in my own views on life, so it is helpful to have a friend to point out the ridiculous to me. I think, maybe, that that is why Doyle and I have remained firm friends over the years.

Hannah and Becky also sends their regards and love. Giddy says he would send you the nice large frog he found yesterday, if it could fit inside the envelope. He says he just knows that you would love it. The Mutt is snoring, but I’m sure he sends his love as well.

Yours truthfully,

Andrew D. Lucas

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